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What to do in Florence

What to do in Florence

Enjoy our amazing friends while you're staying in town for skydiving!


Antico vinaio

Best schiacciata (don’t call it sandwich) in town. Probably the best street street food in italy! After your tandem you should try it!


La Giostra Firenze

In food we trust.

The sixteenth century brick arches and historied walls that once housed the shiny horses of a nearby carousel, “giostra”; now hold our 16 tables where new stories begin each night. Since 1992 in the heart of the historic center of Florence, between the Duomo and Piazza Santa Croce


PD Factory Team

The best canopy pilot team worldwide


BFU Reggio Emilia

Do you wanto to do your skydiving course? Body fly university is the answer, amazing skydiving school one hour and an half away from Florence


Strozzi Machiavelli

Do you know there’s an hop culture in our landing area? Enjoy this amazing homemade beer soon after you land!


Torre dei Lari

Skydive Dream Florence is guest in this beautiful 15th century villa. Enjoy your staying in Florence living in this museum with all the guests rooms painted with affrescos on the roof

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