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Toscana Aeroporti

First of all, thanks to Toscana Aeroporti an amazing collaboration with Firenze International Airport gives us the possibility to show to the world the beuty of Florence from the sky. Special thanks to the control tower guys who handle our skydiving activity together with civil aviation requests.


Aeroclub Firenze

Florence flight school. One of the oldest of the world, everyone can become a pilot thanks to this amazing group of people passionate of flying.


Performance Designs

Simply the best and safest canopy out there


Upt Vector

Since the born of modern skydiving, the most innotavite and reliable harness for skydiving. Both for sport fliers and tandem.



Do you know if a skydiver pass out its reserve parachute deploys by itself? Airtech technology is the first inventor and the leader of the market



Altimeters both acustic (in our hemets) and visual


Torre dei Lari

Skydive Dream Florence is guest in this beautiful 15th century villa. Enjoy your staying in Florence living in this museum with all the guests rooms painted with affrescos on the roof

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