4000 meters of fun and emotions

Tandem skydiving is a format more than 40 years old. A standard offered all over the world without any risk. No experience is required. Your first step into your skydiving career. join us to see Florence from our unique point of view: the blue sky!

Only 2KM form Florence’s center

We are based on Palazzo Strozzi Machiavelli, 2 km from the center of the city. This relaxing , green area offers the swimming pool and tennis courts for people who desires to spend good moments waiting for flight experience.

Shuttle from Florence included

Reserve your slot and our shuttle will pick you up close to the Boboli Gardens entrance. 5 minutes by van to Strozzi Machiavelli Dropzone where your tandem instructor will brief you about the entire experience.

3 unforgettable hours, from the briefing till the landing.

After a ground training to get the good aerial position it’s time to dress: glasses, helmet and you are ready!
Boarding area will be at Vespucci civil airport (20 minutes from the base). During the transfer, you will be able to talk with your instructor, watch some videos and chat with your friends (free Wi-Fi is offered).
You board the plane and enjoy the beautiful panorama of the town and of the famous Chianti countryside. Your mind get back to the reality when the door opens at 14000 feet.

3,2,1… Skydive!

You feel you heart beating, take a deep breath and step out enjoying the freefall, about 45 seconds. Unforgettable view and life time experience falling 200mp/h like a true skydiver. If you bought the option of the external video player you will be able to perform your first touch during the freefall
Around 5000ft the instructor pulls out the canopy. Relax yourself and enjoy the emotions of the breathless and amazing time, flying over one of the most beautiful city of the world and her superb Chianti Countryside. Skydiving landings are very gentle and soft, you can expect a comfortable arrival back to earth in Strozzi Machiavelli landing area. The whole process is managed by your tandem instructor, so, again, relax and enjoy.
Self Pull Option available (ask the instructor)

Any Doubts? Give Us a call

We know that jump out of a plane is not the most common decision so please feel free to contact us any time for any question or doubt you could think about. jumping over Florence is something you cannot compare with any other experience and we want you to feel the unicity of what you are doing.

Beautiful memories in Full HD and 360.

If you decide to buy the video and pictures options (more informations) a professional video will record the experience from the very beginning to the landing moment and edit the movie few minutes after.

  • Book Bronze

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
    • Beautiful view over Florence.
    • 60 seconds skydive over downtown.
    • Professional tandem instructor.
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  • Book Silver


    • Professional tandem Instructor
    • Handycam Video
    • Pro video edit for Social

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  • Book Gold


    • Professional tandem Instructor
    • Professional Videographer
    • Pro video edit for Social
    • Amazing Photography over Florence

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