Villa Strozzi Machiavelli


Villa Strozzi Machiavelli

We are a group of people passionated for skydiving.
We have a dream. Give to everybody the possibility to know about this wonderful sport and enjoy the emotion of the freefall .


The Castle

We only hire certified professional instructors with training experience. Our gears are from last generation and checked by ordinary controls.

Jumping over Florence is unique, and we want you to feel special during all the experience.


Swimming Pool

Our meeting point is at Boboli Garden entrance where our Wi-Fi free Shuttle picks you up couple of minutes driving to reach Villa Strozzi Machiavelli where, our crew, will brief and train about jump experience.


Waiting Area

For the people with you, who are not ready to skydive yet, the Drop Zone offers any kind of service and the possibility to rest close to the swimming pool.

We think about everything, just relax and enjoy!

@SkydiveDream 2020