Regala un lancio tandem

L'amicizia è il più bel regalo del mondo. Volare con un tuo amico non ha prezzo

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    Gift Silver


    Handycam Video.
    Capture and record the thrill of a lifetime thanks to our instructor’s hand-camera
    Close up freefall shots, parachute ride footage, the ultimate selfie

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    Cameraman Video and Pictures.
    Be the star in the best movie of your life thanks to our freefall photographer
    Different angles of your skydive captured by your dedicated cameraman
    Interaction with another skydiver during freefall

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    Cameraman and Handycam.
    Capture your skydiving adventure above Florence from every angle plus some epic interactions with your freefall cameraman during freefall and your instructor’s hand-cam

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    No Video included.
    Enjoy the scenic view of the amazing city of Florence and the thrill of a tandem skydive all at once.

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Reviews from our first time fliers

  • The best team and the most blissful moment of my life! Thank you to amazing Max for photos good laugh and support!! Full of life guy that’s spreads his positive energy around!!! Can’t wait for my second jump!!

    Inna Dombrovska Avatar
    Inna Dombrovska

    5 star ratingBucket List - Amazing Experience Wow! Skydiving was on my bucket list. After thinking about it for 25 years my son and I finally did it. I couldn’t think of a more memorable location or view than Florence; add the 15th century villa to start the journey and you can’t find better. Max and his team were very professional and brought energy,... read more

    F2779QIlarryd Avatar

    We couldn’t recommend these guys enough! We skydived for our honeymoon and we can’t thank them enough for the amazing experience! Totally professional and we felt at ease the whole time! Highly recommend the 360 video which is UNREAL and lets you relive the experience over and over! Will definitely be back to do it all again!

    Leanne Wakeham Avatar
    Leanne Wakeham

    Amazing experience with Skydive Dream that I will remember fondly going forward. The crew was very friendly and experienced. The skydive was incredible, followed by a stunning view parachuting over Florence.

    Felix Avatar
  • A UNIQUE place in the World , you can Skydive over the beauty of Toscany urban : Florence

    Sid Smail Avatar
    Sid Smail

    They are professional and reliable ??

    Katharina Rechsteiner Avatar
    Katharina Rechsteiner

    If you are questioning doing this, do it! The team is so amazing and friendly and makes you feel safe the entire time! This was an incredible experience I will never forget and I will cherish it forever.

    Courtney Breckner Avatar
    Courtney Breckner

    My first skydiving today in Florence with Skydive Dream and it was BREATHTAKING. The drop over the city of Florence was mesmerising ♥♥♥♥From pick up to drop the journey was fantastic.Kudos to Max and team who has outstanding customer service, very friendly, helpful, willing and coaches extend terrific support. My coach Lorence was ????They have different types of Skydiving and... read more

    Reshma B S Avatar
    Reshma B S
  • Amazing experience. My friend and I were study abroad students who went for our first time. Skydiving went perfectly and now we can check It off the bucket list. Such a genuine group of guys who made it such a good experience. The plane ride up was incredible with a low fly-by over the river in Florence where you could... read more

    Evan . Avatar
    Evan .

    Absolutely WONDERFUL group. Experienced. Friendly & easy going - the perfect instructors to book through. I've skydived before and Florence is a gorgeous place to jump over.

    I'm a student studying abroad here and with classes and other travel it was hard to get a chance to book, but Skydive Dream Florence couldn't have been more accommodating so that we...
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    Sawyer McCrabb Avatar
    Sawyer McCrabb

    Skydive Dream Florence was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. At first I was skeptical (very) as my wife booked it as a surprise on our honeymoon. When meeting the team I was put at ease by their professionalism and friendliness plus they are a cool bunch of people.

    Going up in the plane of course I was...
    read more

    Robert Wakeham Avatar
    Robert Wakeham

    Cannot speak highly enough about mine and my brother-in-laws experience! The gents over at Skydive Dream Florence were incredible guys and our first skydiving experience was absolutely riveting!!!

    Max is a very professional person with a sense of humor that put us at ease while assuring us that we were in good hands. I dove with Manuel who also...
    read more

    Jonathan BubbIes Neuman Avatar
    Jonathan BubbIes Neuman