Humans have an innate desire to fly and thanks to modern technology we can help you make this dream come true.. (scenic plane ride and freefall Florence).



One of  our  most  popular feature is the video of your whole skydiving experience, made by our professional camera flyers (handycam, cameraman and 360).



We love skydiving. Skydive Dream is proud to have some the most experienced tandem instructors and camera flyers of the world among the staff.



Flying over Florence is a unique opportunity and our dropzone is located in the heart of Firenze’s countryside, just 5mn from Boboli Gardens.

some facts about what we do

A unique experience and an exeptional location

The world’ s most professional skydivers have joined forces to offer the exclusivity of an urban skydive to the public! Skydive Dream Florence  lets you live the adrenaline of a skydiving jump over one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Don’t miss this unique door into the ltalian skies. Book your dream skydive today!

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Tandem Skydive360 Virtual Reality


• Unique view and 100% fun
• Professional tandem Instructor


Tandem SkydiveHandycam Video


• Unique view and 100% fun
• Professional tandem Instructor
• Handycam Video
• Pro video edit for Social

Exit Over Arno
Exit Over Arno

Tandem SkydiveCameraman VideoCameraman Photo

€649 / PRO PLUS

• Unique view and 100% fun
• Professional tandem Instructor
• Professional Videographer
• Pro video edit for Social
• Amazing Photography over Florence

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movie of
your life!

Memories are forever! Take pictures and video of the
most thrilling moment of your life and enjoy
the new 360 virtual reality experience
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meet our dream team

Manuel Basso

Born in Padova Italy 18/07/1972, skydiver since 1992 with more than 18000 total jumps. Since 1999 skydiver full time as Videographer Tandem instr...
Manuel Basso

Matt Munting

Started jumping 2010. Tandem instructor, videographer and wingsuit pilot. Super passionate about getting creative in my wingsuit pushing and...
Matt Munting

Nick Scalabrino

As the son of skydiving parents I did my first tandem jump at age 11. At sixteen I started jumping alone. 12 years later and every year seems to...
Nick Scalabrino

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